Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

Support Us

To help our community grow, we need your support, skills, and effort

Support comes in many different ways.

  • Helping with hosting community events
  • Promoting the community
  • Encouraging others to take a more active role
  • Recruiting new members and players to the CoE community
  • Being active on the CoE forums and representing Bordweall
  • Lending your skills to helping the community
  • Bringing forward ideas and plans that can help the community.

Finally, there is also the possibility of supporting the community through donations.

Donations to the community help run the backend side of things for the community as well as helps with community building. Things like our Twitch giveaways are made possible through the community donations. For the most part, Dleatherus pays for a majority of our community events, projects, and things like this website.

Certain things like licenses for server software, forums, creative programs, and other programs that help this community keep functioning are not always seen by the community. However, considering the scale of the community of what it is now and what it will be can be helped with even a small donation. These contributions to the community help us help you and allow us to grow our Shield Wall.

So, please check out the Patreon (by clicking on the button below) and see what benefits you can receive by becoming one of our Patreon subscribers. All money received goes straight back into the community.

Thank you for all of your support!

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