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CoE Quick FAQ

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1Q - What is Chronicles of Elyria?

Chronicles of Elyria is attempting to make a groundbreaking, first in genre, MEOW.

MEOWs (Massively Evolving Online Worlds) are classless, levelless, dynamic worlds that scale with player skill and contain entire civilizations of goal based AI. There are no raids, no level caps, and no grind. There is something deep, meaningful, and compelling each time you log on.

2Q - Without classes and levels, how do you progress?

There is a classless skill system that will let you train your skills by use so you can make your character fit the role you want to play in the world. Someone wanting to progress needs only to find a teacher, practice a skill, or read a manual to gain knowledge of techniques to be used to further your character prowess, while also sharpening your player skill as you grow more familiar with what you’re doing.

3Q - What roles can I play if there are no classes?

The system allows for the player to mold whatever role they want. Bodyguard: work on your survival and combat. Chef: work on your cooking and alchemy. Landowner: work on your ability to write contracts. Trader: work on your usage of the knowledge and barter systems while doing your damndest to increase your reputation across the land to influence your role in the player-driven economy!

4Q - What can I expect from combat in CoE?

CoE is open world PvP combat that’s largely player skill reliant action combat. You’ll be able to learn techniques and styles that you can apply to how you use your weaponry. Border skirmishes are expected to be very prevalent and in the case of kingdom wide war, ‘pitched battles’ will contort death mechanics to be less penalizing. Hunting is going to play a large part in the diet of some of the tribes, and is going to be as challenging as possible, the hope is for you to respect the wilds and not be able to decimate a population in months, even with a slew of character knowledges, pertaining to survival, in your arsenal.

5Q - What can I expect from crafting and gathering in CoE?

Soulbound Studios is trying to take crafting away from clicking menus and have you act out the techniques used to craft items, in the end requiring player skill in equal components to character knowledge. Gathering will be similar; instead of standing at a node for a few seconds and watching an automated animation, you’ll be striking ore rich veins that need to be excavated to be found, harvesting sections of produce, digging up roots, and tending soil for your farm, just for a few examples.

6Q - What are these contract, reputation, and knowledge systems?

To create a living society, CoE is creating systems that will let us participate in society unlike any MMO has done before. Contracts allow you to form agreements with other PCs and NPCs to work equivalent to a quest system while giving us access to hold people to their promises. In game character knowledge is going to let us communicate to each other truths and possibly lies, willingly or not. With reputation being connected to your character, family, organization, and settlement, being in good standings with your community will be a great way to have allies when you need them most.

7Q - Family? Organizations?

These are the basic few societal pieces that will shape your experiences in CoE. Everyone who isn't a ward of the state has a family that determines your genes, tribe, access to careers, surname, and starting area. Able to eventually join organizations when you grow up, you'll be participating with like minded people who will ask for your help and lend theirs.

8Q - What are settlements?

Variously sized settlements will be your home in CoE. Ranging from a few huts to a sprawling Capital city, settlements are much more than quest hubs to click the day away at. Custom built by players, and seeding the world in large quantities, getting to know the folks that are a part of your home will be someone’s first steps of socialization. Maybe later, you will explore your county, duchy or kingdom to its fullest!

9Q - What are counties, duchies, and kingdoms?

The starting continent in Chronicles of Elyria is divided into 6 kingdoms. Those kingdoms are further divided into 12 duchies. Each duchy willhave 24 counties that house varying numbers of settlements.

10Q - How big is the map?

Roughly 24,000km^2. And that’s just the starting continent, which makes up approximately 28% of the world’s land mass. To compare, Skyrim is 37km^2. Plenty of space for you to go off, find your own slice of land, and follow your destiny!

11Q - My destiny?

Yes, your very own personal destiny! The Soulborn Engine is going to generate events and goals for you in the world that are along the lines of what was destined for you from birth and what you spend your time doing. Making a deviant character may have the engine assign you a mission to steal, while having a purely light affinity combat orientated character may register you as the one true saviour of a hamlet being attacked by canis-rabbits.

12Q - Light affinity? Is there a dark affinity?

Yes. You have a soul that tracks your actions. According to two axis, one of your religion, and one of the soul, it will darken or lighten, progressing with each life you live in that fashion.

13Q - My soul keeps track of “If I’m following my religion”?

There are 5 religions that have core beliefs that play a part in how NPCs and PCs play. Alti’fali, Virtori, Qindred, Faedin, and Faithless. Depending on what tribe you’re born into, you will adopt one of these beliefs and blaspheme or commit your soul however you please.

14Q - What are tribes?

There are 8 starting tribes in Elyria: they are the equivalent to races in most MMOs. The standard and adaptable Neran, the stalwart dwarf like Hrothi, the northern brother to the wolf Brudvir, the diminutive and clever Kypiq, the silver tongued and diplomatic To’resk, the ghoulish and kind Dras, the savage martialists Janoa, and the secretive and uniform tribe that are The Waerd.

15Q - Do souls do anything besides keep track of my affinity?

Souls keep track of your characters from life to life. They record your dark and light affinity, but also record what skills you’ve put time into mastering. Your soul, if carried from one life to the next, will give you skill ramps towards relearning those skills in the next life, letting you more quickly regain your previous lives skill tiers.

16Q - What is meant by the next life? Is there permadeath?

One of the best things about Chronicles of Elyria is that the dynamic world ages your character. A spark of life, projected value of 35 USD, will last you anywhere from 3 months to 52 weeks depending on how often you are dealt a fatal blow. As you turn from a spry teenager, full of energy and adept at the more physical pursuits, you’ll age and wisen your mental aptitude and you’ll become a elderly and decrepit. Somewhere in those months of play you'll have to produce an heir that will be your next playable character and inherit your property and your soul. You can put your soul into other characters who aren’t your heir of course, such as a ward of the state, but you will lose out on any material possessions of your last life.

17Q - Are the NPCs affected by the dynamic world in the same way?

The NPCs grow old, have families, have jobs just like every PC. Furthermore, they are programmed to follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with values that determine their personality as well.

18Q - What happens when we log off?

Your character continues to persist in the dynamic world as an NPC referred to as an Offline Player Character or OPC. Following previously written scripts or defaulting to an NPCs behavior will make sure that notable players that run the society are always available to perform their job.