Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

Bordweall More than just a Kingdom

What is Bordweall?

Bordweall is an NA-East kingdom purchased by King Dleatherus. Our name comes from the ancient Saxon language, meaning “shield wall.” We are an underdog kingdom that has 4 basic rules and an active supporting community.

We are a feudal meritocracy, a group of duchies, organizations, and individuals who desire to exist without living under tyrannical and the oppressive yoke that comes with a feudal monarchy. While Dleatherus is indeed our First Warden (aka our King), a feudal meritocracy allows us to be a bottom up kingdom where the community helps dictate the course and values of the kingdom. Understanding the constraints the game puts on the players, we see that this bottom up system is reflective of our underdog mentality and allows us to hear what our players want, more than what our King wants. It is through this we have coined the term Feudal Meritocracy.

What are Bordweall’s 4 basic rules?

#1 Don't be a dick.
#2 Don’t perform negative actions towards other individuals or groups that belong to the Bordweall Community.
#3 Come to the defense of others within the Kingdom if asked by the King to do so.
#4 Pay your taxes!
More information on our 4 laws can be found in the community handbook.

What type of players is Bordweall looking for?

Every type of player and person is accepted. Those who enjoy an “underdog” experience will most easily find their home amongst our ranks. Additionally, we have leaders who want to focus on frontline PvP, others who want to make a lasting roleplaying environment, and others being entirely focused on research and development of the many crafts in Elyria. All recruitment information can be found in the directory of our website.

Does Bordweall have lore?

Yes, Bordweall has a flipbook dedicated to our origin story, The Tale of the Bloodoak.
“Once upon a time, there was a magical acorn that lay on the ground unnoticed for many years. This powerful little seed had so much magical energy inside it that one day it started swelling and pulsing as if a heart was beating within. Then with a loud crack and a wondrous bang, it burst open! From within, and in less time than it takes to blink an eye, a massive tree erupted with branches soaring high into the skies and roots burying deep down into the earth. The acorn split apart with such ferocity that it created a Wind which spoke and thanked the acorn that had become a tree for bringing it to life.”
It is well believed throughout the Kingdom of Bordweall that from the Bloodoak fell several acorns; yet every tribe, duchy, county, and even settlement has its own spin on what magic occurred the day it came to be in Elyria.

How does Bordweall deal with the diversity of different groups?

We promote diversity! The more diverse our counties, settlements, and duchies, the more able the citizen is to find a home they fit and become vested and loyal. In the end, a community of this size has only one point that we can all be in agreement on and that is our support of the community of Bordweall. Even then as individuals and groups, we are going to find very differing opinions as to what is in the best interests of the community.
We need to fully understand and recognize that beyond that, our various personal beliefs, prejudices, goals, personalities, etc can start to divide us.
It is each of our personal responsibilities to remind ourselves and each other within the group/sub-community we are a part of, that though the real life beliefs of another group may be something that we find distasteful, within the context of the community of Bordweall, we need to set that aside.


How is Bordweall structure different than other kingdoms and other gaming communities?

The main difference that you will see than any other gaming community out there is that we follow a bottom-up model rather than the classic top-down philosophy. 
What this means is that our leadership responds to the needs and wants of the community, rather than Bordweall leadership dictating how you play the game. Not only this, but this makes leadership more accessible to players and allows the community to act more accordingly to the multitude of needs a community of this scale has.

That being said, we see that our bottom-up system, which we call Feudal-Meritocracy, allows for much more autonomy and decision making at all levels of our society. It is because of this that as a kingdom we may be bottom up, but it may be possible that an organization, community, group etc, may choose to use a top-down system.

For us, it is that the overall system remains transparent, and the decisions are in the hands of the players and the community.

Our philosophy sums it all up; "Shield Wall Strong!"