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Duchies & Counties

The County of Heilägswert is located in the Duchy of Werïstarc. Heilägswert will be strong militarily, economically, and industrially.

From death, life. It is the circle, life, death, rebirth; it is where we dwell.
If one is to take a tree from our land, one is to be planted;
hunt the animals of the land, but only so much as is needed to live.
What we take, we return.
As has been, as always will be.
Our land welcomes those who wish to live with the land;
those who would produce from the land; those who hunt or heal.

Welcome to the Grand Earldom of Alysium.

As a staple trade port for the frontlines of Singraven, we aim to be an industrious community, looking to support those who are on the frontlines and profit in the process.
We are home to fine horse breeders, skilled craftsmen, as well as host the taverns for the adventure seekers and warriors looking to rest after being on the front line
Looking to set up shop, or settle down to establish some roots? Then please stop by and get to know our mature and growing community.

Fortune Favors the Brave