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Duchies & Counties

This is a simple town for everyone to help support the county. Everyone is welcome here and all crafts are need.

The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

Hellstar utilizes it’s stronghold to protect its economy from crime, so as a seller of a profession you are protected from crime. Hellstar is also in charge of the defense of the county from crime, and the defense of it from invasion, so if you want to be apart of a machine that hunts down crime anywhere, go to hell.

The Best Herb in Elyria

The City of Sakthi is an artisan community where the focus is on learning and producing Art, Architecture, Flora & fauna studies, organic Herbalism, Alchemy, and the advancement of Medicinal arts.

I will pledge my life to the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade.

A stronghold that holds the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade. The settlement will contain crafters, guild warriors, alchemists and more. We would welcome anyone who desires to join the brotherhood or help its cause.