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What is hidden comes to light, beware the Scorpion sting - The Lion core is strength, death riding upon swift wings

Learn to Suffer


We are an industrious town, fully dedicated to improving the production of our town and the surrounding territories.



Gold in Peace, Steel in War

We are a fun and accepting community who will focus on research and development and military prowess. No matter what we do, we will do our best and ensure that the community is at the heart of it!


Prosperity through Integrity

The city of Noctton is a settlement that has a planned metropolitan center with agricultural perimeters.

Loyal to the brotherhood of the fallen blade & focused mostly on research

This is a simple town for everyone to help support the county. Everyone is welcome here and all crafts are need.

The City is very Art-centric, made up of the finest in the performing arts, fine arts and architecture. It is also the home to the Duchy's High Office of Investigation.