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Duchies & Counties

Et Scientia Sanctorum

Welcome to the City of Eir. Our passion and journey for healing and longevity brings us together.

The city of Altraxia is the capital of the County and home of the Hawtrey family.

Skara Brae's  main goal is to foster an environment where all citizens are able to pursue their own goals, while contributing to the settlement as a whole.

This is a simple town for everyone to help support the county. Everyone is welcome here and all crafts are need.

A nexus of trade, Varros exists to further the commercial goals of the kingdom

Don't Screw Up Too Bad!

Löska is a town with a trade and commerce focus. We welcome all who wish to join. We will likely have a Roleplay focus, and will likely not do much PvP.

Short of military town i focus Might and War redyness and loyalty. A Rindel Knight gladly accepts Death then betraying his kingdom and Baron.