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Crossfeld is a SafeHaven and a Beacon of light in this world a place you can truly call home. We offer a place where you can make your ambitions a reality no dream is to great no journey to long. Whatever your desires Crossfeld can put you on that path. I make this promise as I Rise you too shall rise with me.



Go with the Flonum


Moderate size town for craftsmen of all sorts. Could be a stop on the road or a hub of creation, whatever the case stop in and visit.


Assisting in the development of defenses and manpower to the county and duchy whilst maintaining a healthy growing settlement to sustain the local populace and armies.

We are the ultimate support. Grow and prosper in your own individual ways, and use your experiences and skills to help others grow. In turn, their growth will be used to help you grow. We will unite as individuals to help sway outcomes and support each other and the kingdom when needed. We will become luck.