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The city of Kadeir Taliesin intends to be the quintessence of the arts in the Elyria world, offering home to all the artists and artisans who seek the mastering of their abilities in any and all of the arts and skills available.


What is hidden comes to light, beware the Scorpion sting - The Lion core is strength, death riding upon swift wings

Et Scientia Sanctorum

Welcome to the City of Eir. Our passion and journey for healing and longevity brings us together.

Skara Brae's  main goal is to foster an environment where all citizens are able to pursue their own goals, while contributing to the settlement as a whole.

Crossfeld is a SafeHaven and a Beacon of light in this world a place you can truly call home. We offer a place where you can make your ambitions a reality no dream is to great no journey to long. Whatever your desires Crossfeld can put you on that path. I make this promise as I Rise you too shall rise with me.



For the strength of the people, fire shall do no wrong.

Dragons Reach, the birthplace of many generations since the Axiarch family has founded the county and defended it.