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Duchies & Counties

The Capital of Coventinascáil is seated deep within the forests, overshadowed by mountains, and woodlands, forever in the shadows. The Manor itself sits wedged between two large hills is more of a gothic castle then a manor, its black walls all but lost in the constant shadows.

Go with the Flonum


Moderate size town for craftsmen of all sorts. Could be a stop on the road or a hub of creation, whatever the case stop in and visit.


Through Knowledge Strength

Helmryk will be focused on research and education, primarily of craft skills for military endeavours
Also, aims to be a trading and shipping port for the merchants and fleets of the oceans.

Echilara is a small, comfortable township focused on supporting our front-line baronies and counties through contributing mounts, battle companions, and other basics.


Hold Fast

Karrah Mora is the county seat of Karrah. It will be a fortress to direct all actions of the county from.

Crafting center focusing on escorting/guarding and warehousing of goods

Starter friendly City

Assisting in the development of defenses and manpower to the county and duchy whilst maintaining a healthy growing settlement to sustain the local populace and armies.