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From Strength to Strength

Rügenburg is a citadel at the heart of the county of Heilägswert; situated on the border of the duchy. It has a commanding position on the river Recht; controlling traffic and by extension trade that goes into and out of both the county itself and the neighboring counties and duchies. Duty, Loyalty, and Honor are the premier precepts that our people hold dear and close to their hearts.

County seat of Nyx and host of the county market and festivals

Non Auro, Sed Ferro (Not with Gold, but Iron)

Maintaining a drive for excellence in battle, as well as animal husbandry and farming, Alrenwyck is frequently visited by all who want to feed and defend the realm, and dare to become champions, hoping to become a soldier and warrior of renown.

Unified - Vigilant

We're an evolving community. Currently our focus is on a college for studying the nature of our world.


Fear not death Clamore for you are it's harbinger

The city of Claymore is built with warriors not afraid of the front lines. We are the sword that moves forward to battle and glory and afterwards to drink and tales of glory.