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Duchies & Counties

The County of Salvatori is a vibrant community that marries the military prowess of Salvatori Stronghold with the superfluous economic zone that is Salvatori City. Salvatori City, run by Count Santana Salvatori, serves as the capital of Salvatori County, and Salvatori Stronghold, it’s bulwark, is held by Countess Paralipsis Octothrope

The county of Nyx is a hub of creativity withing the Bordweall.
With a focus on fine arts and craftsmanship, Nyx is known as the Jewel of Bordweall.
With a focus on innovation, we seek the advancement of knowledge.


Coventinascáil is shrouded in myth and shadow, long since hidden by the forests that cover her.
It is said that Coventinascáil has strong ties to the spirit world, where strange beasts dwell and the twisted abominations of Elyria may seek refuge.



The county of Altraxia is owned by the Hawtrey family and it has been a place focused mostly on mercantile pursuits.


Fah ahkrin, zin, zii, zeymah ahrk mulaag!

Kirrean is said to be the beginning and the end of the dragons once fabled to live in its borders, after generations of counts and countess' there has been few to no interaction with any dragons.