Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

City of Falstat

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Unified - Vigilant

We're an evolving community. Currently our focus is on a college for studying the nature of our world.




About Us

Potentially we'll be a large town/city. We have enough EP for either. If you are looking for PVP, we are close enough to the borders of the kingdom that you won't have to travel too far for some excitement.

We have also joined forces with the Baron Rhalar if you are looking for a nice quiet place to craft your wares, lead your guild, or whatever suits your needs. No one quite knows how all the mechanics of the game will be, but we hope to use our combined resources to make our town and stronghold quite safe for when you need that bit of relaxation.


The land selection hasn't occurred yet, so no one knows where they are going to settle, but our Kingdom, Bordweall, has enough influence that we will be among the first to select, also our Duchy, Bloodoak, is a Grand Duchy with just as much influence as a King. So you can be sure we'll have a good pick. Ideally, we will be next to the ocean or a large bay.


My leadership style falls in line with that of our King, Dleatherus, Which is minimal intervention from your local government. Drama is looked down upon. Otherwise, you are allowed to flourish in whatever way you wish.




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