Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

City of Echilara

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Echilara is a small, comfortable township focused on supporting our front-line baronies and counties through contributing mounts, battle companions, and other basics.



Echilara is centered around breeding the best mounts and companions available, and those professions and people who support such endeavors.

We're looking for breeders, ranchers, farmers, trainers, and supporting roles such as transporters, hunters, trappers, leather workers, blacksmiths, weavers, tailors, traders, etc. to help us towards our goals.

If an adventurer or prospective resident wishes to aid in our goals and focuses they're welcome and encouraged to donate EP, Pets, Mounts, and pledge resources from their own packages for our use.

Contracts are available for those who wish to lend us their Mounts/Pets to increase our breeding stock and include the collection of their choice of resulting offspring when available.


Main Focus; Animal Breeding

Our goal is to support our Duke, Counts, and front-line Barons by means of providing sturdy, healthy, and strong mounts and transport animals, as well as having a variety of battle-ready companions available for use in defense of the Kingdom.


Secondary Focus; Farming, Ranching, Hunting & Trapping

A good deal of resources are expected to go into raising and supporting the Breeding efforts of Echilara. Farmers, Ranchers, Hunters and Trappers will bring in those required supplies and be paid well for their services.

Tertiary Focus; Artisans & Trade

Artisans and Traders are the backbone of the town. They're required to turn furs, fibers, and extra materials into fine goods that can then be traded for other goods and services that are required to keep the town in good order and running smoothly.



Echilara will be a double town/village upon creation. (Two Magistrate packages were bought to achieve this.) This means we should start out with about 50 parcels of land. About half of this will likely be dedicated to Breeding and/or Agriculture, the other half will be divided as evenly as possible between Commercial/Professional Buildings, Residential Buildings, and land set aside for use by traveling merchants, schooling, guilds and organizations, and religious groups.

The Mayor would like to see the following buildings constructed if possible; Tavern and/or Inn (Living Quarters Included) General Store (Living Quarters Included) Leatherworks (Living Quarters Included) Smithy (Living Quarters Included) Tailor (Living Quarters Included) Weaver (Living Quarters Included) Butcher (Living Quarters Included) Livery/Stables (Living Quarters Included) General School Market Square Shacks, Cottages, Houses, and Townhouses will be located where required, and many may be able to be created into dual storefront/housing combos upon request or with support to do so.

Our Mayor has the following items/animals available to them currently; 4000 EP 2x Wagons for Transport (Package) 2x Pack Mules for Breeding or Transport (Package) 2x Horses for Breeding or Transport (Package) 2x Pets for Breeding (Package) 2x Purebreed Horses for Breeding (Package) 2x War Trison for Breeding (Package)

Our Mayor currently has the following items/animals under contract from others to be provided under contract; 6-10 War Trison from Earl Drax Baxton (Lent/Contract) 1-2 War Trison from Earl Primus Dedumo (Lent/Contract)

The Exposition Points, as it stands, will likely be spent on; Land Use Kit (Breeding/Pet Rearing) Storefront Kit (Undecided/TBD) Profession Kit (Undecided/TBD) Resource Stockpiles, Crafting Materials, Crafting Stations, Tools, Livestock, Pets, Mount,Transportation, Crops, Plants/Trees, Fences/Walls, Roads & A School. Buildings, if allowed to be bought with EP, will be planned out as available/required.