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City of Airamore

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Trade/production town

The town of Airamore is a ancient town in the Bordweall region under the County of Nyx. its beginning precedes written history and old legends claim it to be the capital city of a long forgotten empire. Today Airamore is a shadow of its former self, the High Keep was destroyed and turned to rubble in old wars, plague ravaged the population in the last few decades, and a large portion of the town was burnt to the ground after a horrible fire.


Despite its Recent troubles Airamore is still a grand town. The Renowned Academy of Airamore stands tall and is supporting the Trade, Development, and Craftsmanship ideals of Airamore. The town is in the midst of a Renaissance or Rebirth sparked by the County seat Nyssa, The Great Creative and Innovative hub of Bordweall. Airamore has begun to re-emerge as the strong trading city it once was.


Airamore is looking for Elyrians of all kinds to join our community, From Traders to Craftsmen, From Bankers To Farmers, From Mercenaries to Scholars, There will be a place for you.


Open Positions (Appointed by Mayor):

Marshal - Advise on military policy and defense, Highest rank in Town Guard, aid in town management.

Diplomatic Advisor - Advise in diplomatic matters, trade policy, and development, aid in town management.