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City of Löska

Don't Screw Up Too Bad! Löska is a town with a trade and commerce focus. We welcome all who wish to join. We will likely have a Roleplay focus, and will likely not do much PvP.


Barony of Siciliam

Assisting in the development of defenses and manpower to the county and duchy whilst maintaining a healthy growing settlement to sustain the local populace and armies.


Barony of Rindel Keep

Short of military town i focus Might and War redyness and loyalty. A Rindel Knight gladly accepts Death then betraying his kingdom and Baron.


Town of Felix

We are the ultimate support. Grow and prosper in your own individual ways, and use your experiences and skills to help others grow. In turn, their growth will be used to help you grow. We will unite as...


City of Pinguberg

Learn to Suffer   We are an industrious town, fully dedicated to improving the production of our town and the surrounding territories.    


City of Claymore

Fear not deathClamore for you areit's harbinger The city of Claymore is built with warriors not afraid of the front lines. We are the sword that moves forward to battle and glory and afterwards to...


City of Noctton

Prosperity through Integrity The city of Noctton is a settlement that has a planned metropolitan center with agricultural perimeters.


City of Echilara

Echilara is a small, comfortable township focused on supporting our front-line baronies and counties through contributing mounts, battle companions, and other basics.