Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

Earldom of Caneor

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The earldom has a focus on Housing and trade with an effort to be close but not on the front lines, so have some safety but also be close to the action. Other Mayors are free to do what they want, just flourish in your own way. Team play is preferred.


The vision of The Capitol of Caneor, is to create a focal point for adventurers and those on the front lines of PVP. Situated close to but not on a kingdom border allowing close access to conflict but a small buffer for some distance protection.

Note: Everything is subject to change depending on land and biome selection.


If you don’t generally fall into the county vision, keep in mind that we require many important crafters, eg. Architects, Blacksmiths, Cooks, Farmers, Scribes, and more to provide a functional and equipped city. Any gaps in what we can produce ourselves will need to be brought in, Traders and Merchants have a great opportunity to profit and provide the goods we need.


The County needs Mayors. All I ask is that you are active and use what you have to prosper for the benefit of your people.