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County of Manaan

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“Through Knowledge, Power.”

House Fulmine is the ruling house of the County of Manaan. The Count is Chratis Fulmine, Captain of the third squad and Land Admiral of the Order of the IX. 

Goals and Laws of the County

The primary goal of the County of Manaan is set upon a code of ethics and honor, but also ambition to improve our lands, wealth, and power. We will have a set of laws and goals for the County.

  1. Citizens of the County must protect and serve the County and its citizens.
  2. Crimes such as Murder, thievery, destruction of property, etc... will be handled by the Court system.
  3. Treason is punishable to the highest extents of the law.
  4. The goal of citizens in Manaan is to always strive for better things. To improve our economy, military might, resources, technology, and influence throughout the Kingdom.
  5. When the County is under siege by either marauders or an opposing military force, the Count and his Council will institute a Draft of all available citizens to take up arms. As you are not just defending the noble house, you are defending your own house, your family, your possessions, and your own life.
  6. We will harbor those who discover they have special Talents. And give them a place to grow and to not only help themselves, but to put their skills to use for the good of others.

Military Might

For our military we will have a variety of systems in place. We will be working toward having the most advanced Siege equipment we can, as well as mastery over Ranged Combat. Every soldier will carry into battle some way to deal with an enemy at a distance, even if that weapon is a simple spear. Our county military will be joined by the military might of the Order of the IX, which the Count is a Captain in.

Ranking in the military is done by a numbered system much like a line of succession. The number 1 seat is the Count, and continues downward in rank. There will be a max of 30 seats of rank, all military members under rank 30 will be of equal rank.


We will have a variety of guilds that will welcome in the County of Manaan, including the Banking guilds. We will strive to improve our economy through the improvement of technology and crafting items that the people need. One such Guild that is prominent in Manaan is the Order of the IX, a guild made up of Counts, Barons, Mayors, and more all working together for the betterment of the Guild and of the Kingdom.

Our main source of income will be in our Architecture and homes for people to stay at. The County of Manaan will be the ideal location to own or rent for a beachfront vacation home. As well as the military backbone of the county. We will be producing advanced siege equipment and the most advanced in ranged weaponry.


County Mascot

 The County’s mascot is the Falcon. Because of its great speed and sight, it is capable of seeing far ahead and flying with agility and precision. It strikes as fast as lightning.

House Fulmine

We are dedicated to making this County the greatest place for people to live. Offering a place with great resources, knowledge, technology, and safety. It is known that one of the greatest weapons is to kill at a distance. And House Fulmine is dedicated to making the greatest weapons for doing just that. A soldier that cannot even reach our walls, is no longer a threat.

Biography of the County

Manaan has been around for a long time, but has stayed out of the attention of most. We have gradually increased our domain from the rough beginnings we had. We have seen the rise and fall of 2 kingdoms. We have a rich history, especially when it comes to the arcane. We have had people with unnatural talents choose to make Manaan their home, and thus we find that we ally ourselves with magic users. It is traditional for a magic user to stand at the side of nobility in Manaan.

County Council

The government of the County is headed by Count Chratis Fulmine and his family line. There is also the Council, each member having his or her own responsibilities.


• The Counts Hand – ()

Right hand of the Count, head of the Council, rules the County when the Count is away.

• Commander of the Guard – ()

Commands the honor guard and is responsible for security of the Count and family.

• Master of Coin – ()

Treasury and Economy, manages taxes.

• Master of Law – ()

Manages legal matters and is the Supreme Judge of the County.

• Master of War – ()

Grand General of the County.

• Master of Whispers – (Hidden)

Adviser to the Count. Grand Spymaster.

• Grand Maester – ()

Adviser on lore, magic, technology, and diplomacy.


• County of Avenshire and House Belfort.

• Order of the IX