Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

County of Ath Dara

From death, life. It is the circle, life, death, rebirth; it is where we dwell.
If one is to take a tree from our land, one is to be planted;
hunt the animals of the land, but only so much as is needed to live.
What we take, we return.
As has been, as always will be.
Our land welcomes those who wish to live with the land;
those who would produce from the land; those who hunt or heal.

Ón mbás, saol (From death, life)

Capital City: Cara Foraoise

In the shadows of the past, Ath Dara was a place of gathering and learning. It was said among those who pass down the stories of old that there were some in that dim past who could speak to the spirits of the animals and trees. It was lost with the arrival of “The Eye” when the borders between the spirit world and Elyria were thinnest and the rumors began. The third sister in line to the Cayetana house, Sharisa, knew more than just the rumors, having always had a close tie to the land. Confronting Magdelana, her eldest sister, she learned the truth or the truth as she knew it. She could not stand against Magdelana, nor could she stay and involve herself in this. Leaving her lands, taking the small retainer of people loyal to her she fled to the Scattered Lands, to live in and with nature.

Leaving her name behind, no longer carrying the surname Cayetana, she became Marcaigh which meant rider of horses. She would pass this name down to her children and they to theirs. The line, loyalty, and holdings would forever be passed on to the first born daughter.

The Marcaighs developed ever deeper relationships with the land, always working with rather than against nature. It was never uncommon to see animals of the wilds working alongside them. They knew the names and properties of every plant growing within their range, and so they stayed for many generations often sought for their quiet wisdom, healing arts and peaceful intent. This is not to say they did not have their defenses; the wild hunt prowled their land, keeping peace. The caller of the pack, in times of need, would call the wolves of the land to bear alongside the hunt.



Birth, death, rebirth, the endless cycle.

When the call to war came to oppose the Mad King, the Marcaighs and those loyal did not shy away; the balance had to be kept.They answered, their herblore and old arts of healing helping those stricken. The shadows among the trees, those who knew the forest as much as they knew themselves, striking out with storms of arrows using skills honed down through time as a necessity for survival. The howling of An fiach fiáin striking fear as they fought as they could, holding actions and strike and runs harrying the Xelias armies wherever was possible. Eventually the Mad King overextended, with the banding together of the peoples that would become the modern day kingdoms, his hold was broken. It becomes the Free Kingdom in the year 696 with the fall of Xelias.

As year 700 passed, in the Marcaigh holdings, word came that great change in their long lost home of Andalus had come, a change of power, though it seemed not enough. With the rise of Duchess Malthyra, they saw finally after so long, a real change. Still with the iron will and hardened spirit of her ancestors, this seemed to prove a new direction for the Cayetana line.

The lost people of Andalus, as one, chose to return and finally reclaim their ancestral lands, becoming Ath Dara keeping the ways that had sustained them through their long self imposed exile.

Now we settle again, within our ancestral home, to live, to work, to dwell alongside nature. Honing our skills in harmony with that which we protect.

From death, life.

It is the circle, life, death, rebirth; it is where we dwell. If one is to take a tree from our land, one is to be planted; hunt the animals of the land, but only so much as is needed to live. What we take, we return. As has been, as always will be. Our land welcomes those who wish to live with the land; those who would produce from the land;those who hunt or heal. We of Ath Dara look to know all there is of the herbal arts, lumbering following our tenets, leatherworking, bowyers and fletchers will always be welcomed. Those who would work the wood or those who would use the reagents of the land to create wonders, those who wish to care for and raise domestic animals to take the burden from the land and provide sustenance in that way or those who would wish to tame the beasts of the wild. Those who would protect all of this will find a home among An fiach fiáin, The Wild Hunt.


Towns/Cities-Barons/Baronesses: Capital city/town Cara Foraoise-Daelyn Marcaigh.

Governing structure: Banduri-Arch Druidess-Countess Daelyn Marcaigh

Leader of An Fiach Fian, The Wild Hunt: Lord Mügon Ghlais Ròsach

Keeper of coins, economic advisor: Open

Steward of the wild and master of the pack: Skaed Vardyr Marcaigh.

Walker of paths, transport and road advisor: Open

Steward of the herd, animal and breeding advisor: Open


The county as a whole will be focused more on the natural arts, herbology, alchemy, lumbering/forestry, bowyers, fletchers, tanners and farming/animal husbandry/ranching.

All the products of the above will be it's export and commerce. Any profession that depends on those and those that would work with them will find a home.


The capital city.

Cara Foraoise is nestled among the trees, seeming more a part of the forest than separate. Bowyers, tanners and lumbermen ply their trade within. Racks by many homes dry various herbs and flora. The faintly acrid scent of chemicals wafts from a few homes accompanied by the clinking of glassware. The inn and taverns as always are bustling as the farmers and ranchers look for a midday meal. The city is deceptively large, enough to be a focus of commerce for varied goods, all harvested and worked from the bounty of the land. They consider their bows second to none, possibly local conceit but the populace will be the first to put it to the test. With a strong focus on herbology, alchemy, woodwork and animal work it is a haven for those who seek the flow of nature. A few members of The Wild Hunt patrol the forests like ghosts, ever vigilant to that which may tip the balance. Any who seek to work with the land, those who feel more at home within the forest will find a home here. The Banduri calls this her home as it has been for generations of the Marcaigh line. All are welcome, simply respect the balance.

Countess Daelyn Marcaigh, Banduri.




Prospective Infrastructure.

Tree of Knowledge (© Kat Kelly 2018)

Within Ath Dara will be the Tree of Knowledge, The Tree of Knowledge is a library that is similar in scope to the great library of Alexandria. All knowledge stored in the Tree of Knowledge would be copies of the originals to prevent the loss of all information if the Tree falls.

The purpose of the library is to store the history, lore, technological discoveries, and general knowledge of the duchy for both its citizens and travelers alike to use and contribute to freely. With the knowledge contained within being considered one of the most important treasures of the duchy, it is also a sanctuary of sorts. Designed to be easily protected, evacuated, and kept a secure place for all scholars and students.

Seeds of Knowledge (© Kat Kelly 2018)

The Seeds of Knowledge are lesser repositories that house copies of the main Tree’s information based upon a county’s particular focus; for example, a county focused on metallurgy would have copied records of all knowledge, within reason, related to metallurgy that would be housed in a smaller library in that county.