Welcome to the Kingdom of Bordweall

County of Alhamora

Member of: Royal Grand Duchy of Bloodoak
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Service in Strife, Prosperity in Peace

Welcome to the County of Alhamora [Al-hA-More-A]

located in the Grand Royal Duchy of Bloodoak and the Kingdom of Bordweall!

As a developing County, all will be welcomed here. Traders, crafters, tinkers, farmers, artists, scribes, animal breeders, and everything in between are needed in the County. We will fill our lands with people from all backgrounds and creeds to truly take advantage of the protection we’ve been afforded.

Being in a "green" County (green meaning one that leans towards PvE) gives us the responsibility of supporting the Duchy with a variety of works from as many branches of the skill tree as possible including bardic, combat, crafting, gathering and survival skills. We will strive to be part of the hub of research and development as well. All those searching for a home base for a school, university, association or guild can find a place for themselves here.

As a Countess my main focus will always be the duties of my position, however, I have every intention of investing and starting a purebred horse breeding business that plans to provide some of the best horses around the Kingdom. If you have a specific interest in the breeding category and are looking to give a hand always feel encouraged to reach out. I'll be looking for help around the stables as well as the county to help promote breeding and farming around the County.