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Duchies & Counties

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From the stars' fire, our souls are born

Solas Seidrellia is a duchy that aims to do what many other Chronicles of Elyria communities aspire to: build a strong community that allows players to seek whatever kind of gaming focus they want to. While that goal in of itself is a noble one, Seidrellia takes it a step further by offering a framework of rich culture that players can chose to adopt as a part of their gaming experience. Many people want the feeling of a unified front - we offer that.

Bloodoak is the triple Royal Duchy of Bordweall, and its territory will span from the borders of the neighboring kingdom(s) to the heart of Bordweall itself.

Trading and Exploration

Drayrien Is a place where people of all types can come to enjoy their own personal adventure. We will focus on trading and providing support to the front.

Unity, Justice & Strength

The Duchy Werïstarc was founded on the paragons of knowledge, ambition, and unity. Located in the heart of Bordweall, Werïstarc is well placed to put its focus on production and trade to great use.

United in purpose the Werïc people are a force to be reckoned with, and will strive for excellence regardless of their craft. If you are looking for a community to call home, one that embraces your ambitions and strives to utilize your strengths then you have found one in Werïstarc.

Always Forward

The County of Arenthia aims to become a diverse center utilizing the principles of cooperation, knowledge and prosperity;
always moving forward, creating an enduring society.